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27 October 2007


What has been going on at Team Power Love HQ this week? As you would know if you checked our current stock price, Team Power Love is rolling in dough, due in large part to our overwhelmingly successful cycling team of one. As every serious cyclist knows, women's bike racing is the cash cow of all cash cows.

Whatever will we do with all this cash? How will we help the world? Through music, of course. We are proud to announce that Team Power Love is the money and brains behind the We Are Better Than You (WABTY) Music Consortium. The WABTY Music Consortium seeks to brainwash and condescend to all peoples equally through the proactive dissemination and strategic implementation of expertly curated musical groups.

In addition, the WABTY Music Consortium will also provide critical dialogue regarding music and its place in our society by generating our own critical essays and reviews and telling you how dumb you are if you stupidly disagree with us.

We are very excited to announce our current line-up. Expect a press release soon announcing tour dates.

Our roster includes:
1. Dissemination of Information--A Devo cover band, this group of friendly misfits has distinguished itself by wearing yellow hats instead of red ones
2. Spread Like a Virus--This thoroughly punk band only plays basement parties and they want you to know that you suck
3. Boy Toys and Snickers--Once the masterminds behind a now-failed porn blog, this raunchy band of middle-aged losers has reinvented themselves into the next big boy band, with none of the youth and all of the flab
4. Barrettes With Bees--After a decades-long stint in rehab, this country band is back with a vengence, all new songs, and a year's supply of Uncle Johnny's homemade whiskey

T-shirts for all bands forthcoming. Or, stop by our merch table.

If you and your bandmates are interested in joining our music consortium, send an email and a demo to Team Power Love HQ. No posers, please.