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01 July 2006

Jeff and I are taking our regularly scheduled trip to the Hall of Justice Annual Meeting for Superheroes. The following is on the agenda this weekend:
1. Why the bionic woman should be promoted to superhero status
2. Why the bionic man should not be promoted to superhero status (he dated Farrah Fawcett, who quit "Charlie's Angels" after one season and subsequently broke my very young heart and is therefore a very bad person)
3. New crime fighting techniques (with and without invisible planes)
4. The latest developments in bat belts

There will also be panel discussions on the following topics:
1. If Batman and Superman got into a fight, who would win? (This is obviously a theoretical discussion as the Hall of Justice Mission Statement clearly forbids infighting among superheroes)
2. Aquaman--Amazing Lung Capacity or Steroids?
3. Capes--Intimidation or Fashion Faux Pas?

This is no laughing matter.