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21 July 2006

Superweek Races Rock Block

So I am so nervous at the start of this race that my brain actually exits from my head and goes over to the tent where a woman is selling beaded jewelry and my brain just hangs out there for several hours. As a result, I made every dumb race move imaginable, and some dumb moves that aren't even cycling related, such as fumbling the football inches from the end zone and swinging at an outside pitch when the count is 3-0. You can also include: pulling mightily through every single stretch of wind on the course and losing the field every single time around turn 2 and then having to haul it so hard to catch back up that breathing became a faint memory.

Finally I got the hang of it and watched the left side as some women jammed to the front going for a prime and the women who actually were in contention for the prime slowed waaaay down after they crossed the line, all this causing the entire field to shift to the right, which was not good news for the ABD rider who was at that time jamming to the front on the right side and was subsequently barrelled into the barricades in a spectacular crash.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice how the people that were behind the ABD rider didn't have enough room or time to move out of the way and so I was on the ground wondering what happened when I realized that I was just caught up in a crash that I didn't see coming although I saw all events leading up to the crash.

Meanwhile, my brain was at the bead tent trying on a very pretty purple-beaded bracelet.

Anyway, no harm done to me or Her Majesty of Cannondale, but much harm done to the ABD rider and I hope she is OK. Race starts up again with 6 to go and I make it around maybe three more laps until my legs go join my brain at the bead tent and without legs or a brain, bike racing is next to impossible.

For the record, I finished. I may have come in 503rd out of 62, but I finished and considering the trend that day, finishing is very good.