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08 October 2006

Team Power Love took advantage of what is no doubt one of the last days of beautiful weather beautifulness by riding a bicycle for hours and hours.

Here we see cows. Team Power Love has seen cows on every ride all summer. We believe they are following us. They're kinda like the deadheads of the cat 4 women's racing scene. Team Power Love fully supports fanatical fans of the cat 4 women's racing scene.

Even the trees from "Lord of the Rings" were out to wish us well. They're nice. Hello, trees!

This is the sign outside of Berta's Garage in Morris, IL. Berta's boasts expert car repairs. But, what does this sign mean, really? It means that if you smoke enough weed, you too can create something that has nothing to do with anything. (Are those hands or wings? Are those other things eyeballs?Team Power Love will be conducting an interview with a Berta's Garage representative and will report the findings in a later post).


Neil rides off into the sunset. Well, not really. It was morning. But it was our last ride of the season, so, yeah, metaphorically, it's kinda like riding off into the sunset.