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15 September 2006

Recently, Team Power Love attended a few social events to make sure that Chicagoans are relaxing and enjoying themselves.

First, we attended the Party in the Park! at Milennium Park, home of the shiny bean and acres of foliage.

Team Power Love does not like to see this. Clearly, civil rights are being abused. Lawyers have been contacted.

Divebar rocks so hard they ripped the ozone layer off the world. Kudos to Dan for perfect execution of The Drumstick Toss. Top job, friend!

Next, Team Power Love attended the Featherproof Books book release party for some good books read by good authors. Kimberlee "I'm-not-a-writer-though-I-write-like-a-god" Soo read a beautiful piece that made Team Power Love want to cry. We didn't though. Instead we had another drink.

Before the reading, the author is calm and photogenic with hubby David.

Team Power Love regrets to inform its readership that the intended "After" picture of the author is not forthcoming. As it so happens, Team Power Love was waylaid by a person named Vodka Tonic. Operating digital equipment was not an option.