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11 April 2007

CHICAGO--Team Power Love happily announces its new sponsor, Blue Hula Hoop! Blue Hula Hoop will be an integral part of Team Power Love's core development and plans on assisting the team while it chases this season's goal, world domination.

"We are very pleased with this partnership," Blue Hula Hoop representative Zelda Fitzgerald said at a press conference today. "We feel Team Power Love is the perfect team to represent Blue Hula Hoop. The team has lots of blue clothes and a penchant for hula hooping in public."

"It's a win-win situation," Team Power Love representatives said in a written statement. "We get lots of blue hula hoops, we can avoid those pesky interval workouts on the bike, and we look cool as shit standing on the Western el platform hula hooping while everyone else gets pissed off at the slow train service."

Team Power Love considered changing its name to Team Blue Hula Hoop, but team president F. Scott Fitzgerald decided against it. "Not intimidating enough," Fitzgerald said between sips of a mint julep.

As alert cycling fans know, most cycling teams have very intimidating names (Jelly Belly [eek! jelly beans!], Kodak [don't smile now! pictures are very scary!], Jittery Joes [oh shit! coffee from Athens, GA, ahhhh!!!!!]).

Expect to see Team Power Love sponsored by Blue Hula Hoop at serious cycling events throughout the greater Midwest region this season.

*This message brought to you by the American Society for Serious Hula Hoopers