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20 July 2007


We have set out to discover the mysteries of the Midwest.

So far, we have discovered that the grass is green.

And, trucks travel on the highways.

An aroused minivan. Is that an antenna on your car or are you just happy to see me?

This is a funny joke only if you can see that enormously long antenna in this picture.

Actually, no. That joke is not funny at all.

JEFF! Madison told me to tell you hello.

Cop: Just because "curds" rhymes with "turds" doesn't mean cheese curds taste like pees and turds.

Moto-cyclist: But still, you have to admit, it sounds a bit too similar, like Republican conspiracy similar.

Cop: Can you walk a straight line?

This is Doris. She talks like a flight attendant on quaaludes. She spends hours ignoring us then suddenly interrupts our conversation to tell us to "bear left on 94." She doesn't like the fact that we can sing every word to that one Mister Mister hit from the 80s. She refuses to produce a light show that can be choreographed to classic rock. I'm not quite sure what to make of Doris.