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05 December 2007


1. It sounds to me like the bass line in Spoon's "Don't You Evah" is similar to the bass line in Prince's "Erotic City," but I can't verify this because: 1.) I can't find "Erotic City" on the interwebnets right now because the browser I'm using is a member of the Christian Coalition and will not acknowledge the word erotic; and 2.) I know just about one-half of nothing about the path a bass takes through a song and so it's possible that everyone already knows that every song ever created has the same bass line as "Erotic City," which would make "Erotic City" the mother of all songs, which would be the awesomest musical discovery ever.

2. The woman who sells Streetwise in my neighborhood has the exact same winter coat that I do, except hers has all the buttons present and accounted for and mine does not.

3. The first snowfall of this year is just like the first snowfall of last year, so it's a good thing everyone freaks out while being out in it because we wouldn't want to do anything crazy, like, say, prepare for it.