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08 May 2009


Because I came in late today, I'm staying late at work today. This is awesome because there's no where else I'd rather be than sitting in a cubicle. On the upside, I have The Goog. So far, we're getting along well. Occassionally it makes typos, but then I publicly humiliate it, and all ends well. It's a very healthy relationship. Except for the part about my eyeballs falling out of my head from squinting, but I think that was going on before me and The Goog started our torrid romance.

Band name: Dangling Eyeballs. I think this will be the band that scores the zombie musical I'm going to write and then force feed to WildClaw to produce. Perhaps they may know of a better band.

Speaking of other careers I'm pursuing, I'm currently reading See No Evil by Robert Baer. He was a CIA dude. But in CIA parlance,they say "op." CIA op. Anyhoodle, I'm only about 50 pages in, so I haven't gotten to the part where they make a movie of his life and George Clooney plays him, but that part should be coming up soon. I know storytelling so I know that anytime you have a scene where the "agent" is "compromised" by rookie "ops," then it's sure to be followed by something made in Hollywood. So that's how I decided to be a spy.

After a bit of research, however, I notice that "clean bill of health" is a priority for "op"s-ing, which is unfortunate as I believe rampant blood clots fall slightly afoul of that. The other careers I'm pursuing are blood clot killer (much like a vampire, but backwards)(but still wearing the cape uniform)(one is never wrong with a cape); and word maker-upper. These are careers that have bright futures, cool uniforms, and really good health insurance.

I'm typing all this on The Goog. It's making my back tense and I'm still experiencing the aforementioned eyeball freakery. Do my thumbs look fat on this phone? I downloaded Pac Man yesterday. It's doubtful I'll ever be useful again. But I'll fucking rock at Pac Man. Will anyone on Facebook read this note? Does anyone really know what time it is?