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29 December 2012


1. Those sunglasses at Walgreens? They're not gonna try on themselves.

2. What was that insightful comment Jeremy Renner said about his uncredited role in “Lords of Dogtown”? Research.

3. Wander aimlessly around your neighborhood shops, stare listlessly into corners. Shop owners will not be alarmed because we are not living in a socially unnerving or stressful time.

4. Snoods are back in! Knit one.

5. Snoods are back in! Crochet one.

6. Are your socks correctly matched and right side out? Check.

7. What is the social and political dynamic between Hamas and Hezbollah? Research.

8. Your toenails are too long. File them. Don’t clip them. File them.

9. Learn every word of “Midnight Rider.” Then learn every intonation of every word of “Midnight Rider,” both the recorded version and the live version.

10. When you are on The Charlie Rose show, he will undoubtedly ask you about your creative process. Consider your response.