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23 July 2006

Superweek Races Rock Block

DATELINE: Whitefish Bay, WI
Apparently, the trend in this year's women's 3/4 Superweek races was to go blisteringly fast and then suddenly slow down. Perhaps this was in an effort to prove that several tenets of physics are in fact true. For example, when you are the person in front of a large group and you fail to maintain your rate of speed while the group behind you continues to maintain said rate of speed you get what is called in cycling terms, A Really Annoying Situation, or ARAS. It is precisely these situations that have caused officials to prohibit any blunt object from being carried in jersey pockets.

By Sunday my senses were dulled and I didn't really care how I did in this race, but I raced anyway because the lure of a sunny, summer day and a fast ride on Princess Cannondale is too great a temptation. On the upside, I saw lots and lots of opportunities to make some really great moves and turn myself into a Competitive Bike Racer. However, that seemed to me, at the time, to be quite a bit of work. So I decided to maintain my current status as Sitter Onner of Chase Group and did some fine watching of the neighborhood as I passed by on my bicycle. That's called fire-in-the-belly determination right there. I think I finished 123rd out of 50.

Look! Cousins! And both birthday girls! Yay and happy birthday, cool women.

The ever vigilant guard dog at the ready: