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05 August 2006


GRAYSLAKE, IL--In a stunning display of tactical brilliance and gutsy fortitude, Pascale Petro (Team Apache) won the women's masters/4 race today in a drag race, photo finish sprint.

Petro, who was accompanied by her nine-year old really cool daughter (both seen left), took the field by surprise by rocketing into jet plane mode well before the assumed last corner. While watching the bold move from the field, Petro's teammate, Kim Morris (Team Apache), said, "Wow!"

After officials viewed the finish on the monitor 3,245 times, solicited racers for opinions, and sent away for the free prize in the Cracker Jack box, it was determined that indeed Petro was the winner of the race, beating out amazing sprinter Wendy Something (Colavita-Sutter Home).

When asked about her amazing performance, Petro was humble and gracious, thanking everyone for their well wishes.

When asked why she didn't sweep her teammate's wheel and thereby decrease the chances of her teammate having to work so incredibly hard to take the win, Morris replied, "I like drama."

Team Apache will be well represented at the Tuesday night criterium series in Matteson, Illinois, this Tuesday, where the prize purse totals a whopping three empty Gatorade bottles.