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08 September 2006

Recently, Team Power Love attended German Day in the swank and drunk neighborhood of Lincoln Square.

As every serious fun haver knows, all fun starts with reprimands and orders.

Unfortunately, the Port-O-Potties came out in full force. They had to be corraled in the Port-O-Potty lot.

These are not Port-O-Potties, these are Lepre-Cans. They are quick to tell you there is a difference. Anyway, these guys hung out at the opposite end of the festival from the P-O-Ps. Team Power Love senses tension between the two camps. An investigation is underway.

Is this a pitcher of beer or a mug of beer? After lengthy and intelligent discussion, Team Power Love decided it was a mitcher of beer.

The ladies love a man in hosiery (Team Power Love does not know how to spell the German word for these things).