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11 November 2006

It's Dance Party Saturday Night and I'm listening to Shannon's "Let the Music Play" (let the music play, he won't get away, just keep the groove and then he'll come back to you), but I'm listening to a cover of it 'cuz I found this and I love it (the song and the site) and I have a real affinity for 80s dance music 'cuz it makes me all nostalgic for teen night at Crazy Rock when Crazy Rock had teen night and wasn't a "gentlemen's club" (like, yeah, really, I'm sure anyone's gonna believe there's anything "gentlemen" in Romeoville) and I've Aqua Netted my hair and I'm wearing paisley and later, I'm gonna listen to "Purple Rain" and cry my eyes out during the intro (I never meant to cause you any sorrow . . . ) and then later, or maybe, next week, I'll wear all black, rim my eyes in kohl eyeliner, and listen to The Cure, "The Head on the Door," and I will write really bad poetry and use a lighter to burn the edges of the paper and turn that in for my creative writing project in English and my teacher will say to me, "Either you have issues or you're a creative genius" and I will reply, cryptically, "Yes."