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21 November 2006


Today's List: Good Beers

1. Spotted Cow from New Glarus, WI, though maybe it's not actually brewed in New Glarus, WI, but it's sold there, in mugs with spotted cows on them, which obviously makes the taste of the beer far superior to what it would be if it was served in some boring regular old beer mug.
2. That stuff from Texas with the name that sounds very German--sprecher bracht, or maybe spreecher brach, possibly something with "brach" in the name, like the candy, which would make its Texas origins suspicious since Brach candies are Chicago-y, as we all know--this beer is not distributed in Illinois, but it is distributed in Wisconsin because 1) Wisconsinites seem to have cornered the market when it comes to beer and 2) beer tastes better in Wisconsin. Also, I downed half of a six-pack of this very same beer at Megan's and Christopher's one night and I can say, indeed, what very good beer!
3. Delirium because it has pink elephants on the bottle and on the glass it should be served in and if you are not drinking beer out of a glass with pink elephants on it, then what exactly are you doing with your life?
5. Corona with a lime. I know, it's the Budweiser of Mexico. But it's also sitting around the grill in summer waiting for the burgers to cook and listening to easy good rock on the radio and talking with really good friends and loving life and also, they have that cool commercial where they make the boat appear as though it's in the bottle and that's a cool optical illusion, not to mention it takes place on a beach and in the middle to end of November in Chicago, the beach is as much of a mirage as a boat in a bottle.