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18 December 2006

When karaoke rocks . . .

. . . when you go with Shiow, who commits fully and has a patented line up of rock star moves
. . . when you meet a group of people who are instantly fun to be with so you don't really feel like a big dumb jerk singing along to "Livin' on a Prayer"
. . . when you say "singing" but you really mean, "screamed as loud as I could and did the arm wave"
. . . when the bartender sings "Feelings" and you think, "Man, I should've picked 'Feelings' and then you put a mental flag on the song because you are already planning the next time you are going to Bong Ho for beers and karaoke
. . . when you wonder if you can find a mohair suit and electric boots on eBay because next time, it's all about the costume and nailing every word of "Benny and the Jets"
. . . when you get home and feel happy and are still smiling and, most importantly, still smiling