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08 December 2006

From the What Is Going on in The Square File:

Remember that episode from "The X-Files" where there was that old victorian house that was covered in what looked like a striped circus tent, but I think they were doing some sort of fumagating, possibly alien fumagation, and as though circus references aren't creepy enough, throughout the entire episode they kept playing a Cher song, which upped the creep factor to 11? Well, that's kinda what I thought about on my way in to work the other day when I saw this tent in the square and though they are not using a striped circus-like tent, which is good, they are playing Christmas carols on repeat, which is bad, and what is far worse, the Christmas carols are being sung by someone who has obviously been smoking unfiltered cigarettes since 1962, but is trying desperately to imitate Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks and that blows the creep factor off the charts. The real question here is: Why am I going in to work when the streetlights are still on?