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24 February 2007

Dude Camp, Day Five
Rest Day

Today Team Power Love took a rest. A rest day is different from a recovery day in that, on a recovery day, you ride your bike and talk the whole time. On a rest day, you go no where near your bike and you walk around town in regular clothes and, if you are a girl, no one mistakes you for a boy. It's lovely. You also get to eat solid foods and spend hours internetting at a campus coffeehouse where students are contemplating ethical philosophical dilemmas for Law Class and hungover dudes in frat letters keep saying, "Doooode, that party was so rad." The future generations. Awesome.

Since it's rest day, we are not going to be able to present you, dear reader, with dude pics. The dudes are currently climbing some sort of earthly terrain that was never meant to be climbed by humans on bicycles (do you think god ever said, "Hey! I know! We'll stick this mountain range here, at a 10% grade, so when the humans finally evolve into bike racers, they'll have an opportunity to train."?)(I think no.)(Although the assumption that evolution ends in a bike racer makes absolute sense.) Anyway, here's a Tucsonian field.

Here's a Mexican restaurant. Mexico is a country that is very close to Tucson. Apparently they have food. It's good. Some of it comes with sour cream. Also, they have mariachi men who sing songs accompanied by a trumpet. They also wear cool pants, which Team Power Love will be stealing.

Here's a Target. This is a store. They sell clothes and shoes and makeup and lotions and shoes and clothes and lotions and shoes. Also, shoes. Maybe you've heard of this store.

This is my cool ass ride. This week I pretended I was an 80-year old man driving to the golf course. This car helped me become one with the role.

Coffeehouse. Epic. No, really, it's called Epic. That dude sitting outside there--he kept yelping, "Go!" "Go!" I think he was either trying to get rid of people, or maybe he was sending me off with encouragement for my next ride. I'm gonna go with the latter.

Someone gets it. Click on the pic to make it bigger so you can read it. This made me cry. And also, it made realize that dude camp was really human camp.