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21 July 2007


This is like following the yellow brick road to find The Wiz, except that it's not a yellow brick road, it's a paved bike path, and we weren't going into Oz, we were going into Minneapolis, and we weren't looking for The Wiz, we were looking for Fig Newtons and Gatorade. But otherwise, it's exactly like the movies.

Apparently, Minnesota has thousands of lakes. I used my bat phone to call the governor and suggested the state add "Land of 10,000 lakes" to their license plates. You will be happy to know, they are going to do so.

Today we rode on bike paths and bike lanes. Real bike lanes, the kind where cars do not double park. Yes. There are places that have bike lanes that are not considered extra parking spots. I am not making this up.

If I was the travel writer I wish I was, I would give you some history on this cathedral and maybe a personal anecdote of an experience I had here. As it is, it was at the top of a hill that I was ill prepared to climb and so all I can really say is that, when you suddenly find yourself climbing up a hill that from far away looks insignificant but is most definitely not when you are in the middle of it, do not hit the one crater-sized pothole while you are trying to take a picture. It's quite possible you may find yourself a bit off balance.