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11 January 2008

CHICAGO--What's new in 08? Besides time passing quickly and the unholy union of spring weather and an early January date? What's new is this: The thing you have all been waiting for, the thing you spent many hours contemplating as you stood at the bottom of the hill on which Team Power Love HQ's mansion is perched and wondered to yourself, "Self? Hello? I do so wonder why all that rainbow colored smoke is coming out of the chimney of Team Power Love Headquarters!" As you know, you talk like a child from a Dickens novel and you speak mostly in exclamations, and that is why everyone loves you.

But this press release isn't about you, fair Dickensian wonderer, this press release is here to announce the official formation of:


This year, we bring to our adoring and rabid audience Team Power Love gift packs! Stories all dolled up in cool crafty materials that were on sale at Michael's! And t-shirts! You cannot beat t-shirts! Especially the ones that have Sharpie-drawn designs on them because that is the way I meant for them to be, I certainly did not mistake the permanent Sharpie for the wash-away fabric pencil, no I did not, this is art, people.

We have operators standing by so call now to order your gift pack today! The perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, the day your lover gets out of prison, casual Friday! Call now! Prices negotiable.