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22 December 2007



You know what this world hasn't seen enough of? Year end/Best of lists! It's like, there aren't enough Christmas carols playing, there aren't enough pine trees with lights on them, and there aren't enough year-end lists. As every alert Power Love reader knows, Team Power Love is all about social consciousness and public service, so in the interest of the obvious lack of year-end lists, we are here to give you our year-end list.

This year's Team Power Love year-end list is the 10 best concerts that ever happened inside my own head.

1. The first best concert that happened inside my head was the label kick off night for the We Are Better Than You Music Consortium label. This is where the world was introduced to two new best bands ever: Compendium of Vituperation and Mrs. Winchester's Windows.

Compendium of Vituperation is a math rock rock band that really rocks. And, they play the abacus. And they also know exactly how much to tip their servers at the end of the night without using a calculator. Or an abacus! It's amazing. Likes: heavy bass and loud screaming. Dislikes: pie making.

Mrs. Winchester's Windows, named after the stained glass windows in the Winchester mansion, is an atmospheric pop band from Tucson, Arizona. They wear a lot of jade. And if you're not watching them, you would think maybe that sound is coming from that old fan that someone forgot to turn off. But they rule, because they cover b-sides of Devo and they do a rockin cover of "Freebird."

2. The second best concert of the year was when I played drums on "Intolerance" at the Tool concert. Right now you should go to your favorite musical interwebnets station and look up "Intolerance" and then listen to it. Or, maybe wait until you're in a quiet room with people who need some quiet time, and then turn up the volume to 11 and voila! You will have a room full of instant friends!

Anyway, maybe you missed my debut as Tool's drummer, but I so rocked that shit, it was amazing. Unfortunately, the concert was going on in my head, while I was on the Brown Line, during morning rush hour and it was crowded and the woman sitting next to me was drinking coffee, but she kept taking the lid off because apparently it was hot and she had to blow on it, which unfortunately happened regularly and on every fourth beat and during that one part of the song, the particularly bang-the-shit-outta-the-snare part of the song, I accidentally unknowingly oopsily banged my air sticks on my air drums, which was really just me banging my arms on the backpack on my lap and guess what?

Well, if you ask me--yes, I do think coffee has a lovely aroma and what, really, is the problem with being covered in it for the day? I mean, sheesh, some people pay good money to smell like that.

And so those were the 10 best concerts of the year. Stayed tuned for yet another startlingly interesting post tomorrow: Christmas Day--Live Blogging!