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15 March 2008


I mean, kinda on the live blogging, not the travel day. It's definitely a travel day. Here are the stats thus farly:

1. I have met people from the following states:
a. Texas
b. Montana
c. Chicago

2. I am about to meet someone from Charlotte.
a. Or else, someone whose name is Charlotte. Or, possibly, neither one of these two options, since I'm currently sitting at the gate for humans going to Charlotte. Sometimes I like to sit in other gates when I'm early. I like to see who's going where. For instance, most of the peeps in the Charlotte gate are wearing shorts. And a lot of them look college-y. Most of the people sitting in the gate for San Diego are wearing military uniforms and talking on cell phones and keep using the phrase, "Ship out."

3. Current threat advisory level: Orange
a. This is unfortunate. I am not wearing shoes that match an orange threat level. These are the kinds of things they should announce ad nauseum on the radio.

4. Taking pictures on the moving sidewalk is against security rules.
a. This, also, is unfortunate because my favorite ride of all time is the moving sidewalk. Especially the one at O'Hare because it's all Blade Runner-y and there's some disembodied voice that reminds you that the sidewalk is about to end well before it ends, which inevitably makes me think of Shel Silverstein books.
b. Apparently, my camera was not confiscated for picture taking because, according to the hot dude in the uniform, I'm not "the typical demographic of a terrorist" which is good. Apparently, terrorists are not a popular demographic at O'Hare.

5. The preponderance of people wearing flip flops is astonishing.

6. Is preponderance a word?

7. Blogging will continue immediately after I drink some coffee and ask this dude next to me how he got his gun-shaped video game through security.