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22 May 2008


OK—here’s the 411, yo. I am going to go for a bicycle ride on Saturday, June 21. Then I’m going to go for another bicycle ride on Sunday, June 22. The bicycle ride I am going to go on is called the 27th Anniversary MS 150 Tour de Farms. If you will donate money on my homepage for the event, that would be cool. Apparently, the MS folks are going to make a giant MS-killing monster out of money, or maybe they said papier mache, yes, I think that’s what they said—a papier mache monster that walks up to people with MS and reaches right into their insides (skin and muscle be damned), clutches the MS swirling around, yanks, and pulls it out. Then, poof! No more MS. Papier mache MS-killing monsters are all the rage right now in Europe, particularly in Paris, where people have been known to ride their velibs about town with papier mache MS-killing monsters, sometimes sitting in the front basket, sometimes riding side saddle, and they are very hip. So, if you could donate a few bucks to this cause, that would be great. Papier mache is not cheap.

Donate here.

In addition and forthwith, no less than the likes of 2nd Story rock stars will be telling stories at The Spot on June 5, 2008 to fundraise for this event. This is not a lie. I’m going to tell “Crash Stories.” Shiow is gonna read, too. So is Aimee Perkins. So is Doug Whippo. People, this will be high-octane fun. It would be high-octane awesome if you joined us.

Info here.