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15 May 2009

Things I Am Going To Do When I Have Time

Time=Next Tuesday at 10am.

1. Learn how to make the best mole sauce ever. (Mo-lay sauce, not mole sauce)(I can't find the accent mark on my keyboard.)
2. Band name: Mole Sauce. (Mole, like burrowing insectivore, not mo-lay).
3. Call Mr. Obama and tell him I prefer the Sox, too.
4. Learn how to surf.
5. Rob a bank and pay off my medical bills.
6. Ha! Just kidding! We all know the banks have no money.
7. Rob Blue Cross/Blue Shield and pay off my medical bills.
8. Write, produce, and perform my one-woman play, "I Know Why Bananas Turn Brown."
9. Become fabulous.
10. Win the Tour de France.