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30 December 2006


The Convention of Really Good Looking Men in Uniforms met today in Lincoln Square, Chicago. Topics on the agenda: How to hold an ax; how to kick down a door; how to turn off a pot left cooking on the stove.

Apparently, an unalert neighbor in this sleepy neighborhood decided to go shopping in the middle of cooking soup on the stove. Concerned neighbor Gladys J. Hildegaard was not unalert and noticed the black billowing smoke coming from that particular apartment. It was her call that brought the Really Good Looking Men in Uniforms.

All is fine here in Lincoln Square thanks to the Really Good Looking Men in Uniforms.

You'll have to trust me that these guys are really good looking. I guess you'll also have to trust me on the uniform thing, too, since these guys seem to be wearing fire-proof suits. But, they wore the fire-proof suits as though they were uniforms. So, there's that.

Gawd, it woulda sucked so bad if I did something today and missed all this drama!