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22 December 2006

Team Power Love Goes Shopping!

Every year we try to find the perfect gift for the world's most beautifulest human, the Mommers. We=me +my attitude so filled with snarkitude, it warrants its own identity.

The attitude of snarkitude befalls us this time of year because Team Power Love knows that there is nothing in this entire world that we could buy that would reflect even one gagillionth (gagillionth= a lot)(a lotter more than a lot) of the deep and profound love we have for the Mommers.

Contrary to Power Love's mission statement (spread good energy or get the fuck out), we have to say at this point in the holiday season: the holidays suck some major ass.

Here's why:
Field's (macy's, pshaw) has Mary Poppins in the windows. Here's Mary Poppins now, singing, "A Spoonful of Sugar":

If by "spoonful" she means "a metric ton" and if by "sugar" she means "psychotropic drugs," then we're all for her happy, floating holiday happiness!

But consumerism weighs heavily on our heads and exacerbates our snarkitude because it makes Team Power Love wonder the wonder of the season: What Does It All Mean? Which is a very heavy thought to contemplate while negotiating the throngs of humans clamoring up and down State Street. Here are the throngs of humans now:

However, if you seek it out, you can always find the proverbial oasis in the desert:

Ahhh . . . shoes . . . suddenly, it all becomes very clear . . . mmmm . . . shoes . . .

And then, attention is turned to an issue far more pressing, a question to end all questions:

Who is Chicago's illest MC ever?