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28 December 2006

There are a lot of squares in this picture.

Back when I was an international spy, I found myself in dire need of calcium supplements. What most people don't know is that international spying is quite taxing on the calcium deposits in your body. You should be aware of this people, it's very serious.

Anyway, I went to Sherwyn's to purchase my calcium supplements with my extensive government top secret international spy expense account. I was greeted by a beautiful woman with warm brown eyes and age-proof skin. She explained to me the love affair between calcium and magnesium and how magnesium works with calcium so calcium can be the best mineral it can be and there's just a ring of love around the two that made me, at the time, cynical spy that I was, say, "Oh. How cute." But inwardly, I was charmed and loving the love between calcium and magnesium and silently cheering them on to make it in this stony, cold world, and yes! Hooray for love! And now look:

Sherwyns. Closed. I will never again have a love moment over minerals for as long as I live. It just hurts too much.