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19 January 2007


In today's troubled times, how does one go about having a most excellent birthday? Doing so requires a year-long effort to prep for the day as you need to surround yourself with most excellent humans. Here's whatcha gotta do:

1. Hang out with these people:

These people are writers (WRY-ters). They write stories. They will also engage in conversation about the following subjects: "Heroes," "24," shoes, boys, shoes, and boys. This is good and you want to encourage this.

2. The writers might bring you these:

When these flowers are presented to you, you should take a moment to silently wonder how you got so lucky. Also, you should buy a flower vase.

3. Next, go out with peeps from work.

This is the time to remind yourself that though you spend an inordinate amount of time grumbling about having a job and working for The Man, you are very lucky to work around words (who do not work for The Man, they merely go on their word way without regard to social structure, except in cases of contracts or legal documents) and lucky to work around people you like having a meal with. Also, these people will make you laugh. Laughing is good.

4. After eating a meal with work peeps, go see these guys. Dance.

5. Here we see beautiful humans dancing:

Team Power Love believes that Chicago has the highest concentration of beautiful humans in the world. We are currently seeking grant funds in order to prove this hypothesis.

6. If you forget where you are, check the stamp on your hand.

On the way home, you may encounter a cab driver with whom you may have a really good conversation about neighborhoods and the quickly changing face of Chicago and residential neighborhoods. When the cab driver pulls over to drop you off and turns to look at you and says, "It was very nice to talk with you," Team Power Love suggests you take a moment to smile, make eye contact, and reply, "It was very nice to talk to you, too." Team Power Love suggests being cool to cool people. Team Power Love thinks you will be a happier human if you do this.