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15 January 2007

I think there's some cardinal blogging rule about not touching a post after it's been posted, so writing this now will most likely unqualify me for the Blogging Hall of Fame, but it's the first day of A Picture A Day and therefore the first day of new perspectives and so I think it's worth the risk to my Blogger Hall of Fame nomination to mention that when I originally focused my camera on the image above, it was merely a picture of the back stairway of Megan's new home, which is cool (the stairway and the home), but when I checked the image after I captured it in my camera, there was that wispy smoke in the frame so I did a double-take: look at the stairway, no smoke; look at the picture, smoke. And that made me wonder: How much more of this world would I see if I just looked at it closer?

Also, it made me reaffirm my belief in ghosts.

Also, never trust the time stamps on blogs. They mean nothing.