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26 February 2007

Oh no! It's so sad! Team Power Love had to hang out in Tucson because the weather in Chicago sucked so much ass planes wouldn't fly there. Oh no!

Well, what to do? What to do? We have compiled a list in case you ever find yourself in this situation. We are a fully functional travelblog.


Hang out with these guys. When they give you the finger, that means, "We are so glad you ended up staying longer. We love Chicagoans."


Go to the sing-a-long of "Purple Rain." Yes! This is not a joke! We watched Purple Rain, the movie that changed lives in the 80s, and sang along to every song! In a real movie theater! It was so great, it demands exclamation marks while talking about it! God! Prince! Purple Rain!


Go riding with the dudes. Three of these guys are wearing the exact same outfit. If this were a dinner party, that would be so embarrassing.


Discuss your agenda for the day:
"What should we do today?"
"I think we should sit in the sun in 70 degree weather."
"Well, that seems difficult, but, well, okay."


John juggles while riding a bicycle. I'm gonna learn how to do this and run away and join the circus once I do.