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01 May 2007

CHICAGO--On this sunny and 70 degree day, everyone in this midwestern city was out and about, including the skyline. "Well," said the skyline, "I just wanted to get out in the sun, work on the tan. Summer is coming, you know, don't want to be all pasty and sick looking."

The Chicago skyline is known throughout the galaxy as one of the most beautiful sights to be seen. Hopeful entities from as far away as planets we don't have names for come to gaze upon the hypnotic beauty of Chicago's skyline. As such, the skyline has become a role model for inanimate objects.

When asked about the message it was sending, sun bathing like it was, the skyline replied, "I have to look my best. It's part of my job. Did you know we need at least 20 minutes of sun a day? Vitamin D, you know."

The editors would like to point out that vitamin D is a mineral usually most healthful for animate beings. But who are we to judge.