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03 August 2007

Dear God,
Yeah, sorry about that whole "Luckily, I’m God" thing in the last post. I'm glad you sent me an e-mail to let me know your concerns. Identity theft is a problem in today's turbulent and technological world and it's good to see you've googled yourself as protection against it. I have to say, while pretending to be you, I seemed to have slipped into your iTunes library, and, wow, I did not know Alice Cooper had such an extensive body of work. Also noticed you have a song from every artist performing at Lollapalooza. Will you be going? Take pictures! I'll check out your blog. Wish I could go to Lollapalooza. But I guess it's not in the cards. Unless you wanted to do something about that. That would help. But I can see how maybe you wouldn't want to, I mean, I did hack into your iTunes and all. But, I did apologize, so that should be worth something, no?

Oh, hey, while I've got you here, let me just say, top marks on the Rocky Mountains! Those things are fuckin gorgeous.

Yours truly.