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06 November 2007


Well, so, we here at Team Power Love signed up for NaBloPoMo, that thing wherein we write a post a day and then win 8 million dollars just in time for the holidays. This is great because we have so much to talk about and probably one month of posting won't cover all of it, but it'll cover some of it, and who doesn't want to hear someone wax prolific in the collective? We certainly do!

Today's adventure is: Collective Storytelling! YES! This game is kinda like choose your own adventure stories, except it's happening on a blog and you write the next section of the story by leaving it in the comments section and then we go from there and it'll be great fun and don't act like you're not out there reading this and pretending like you're not going to leave comments because I know at least three of you can read and those are three actual human beings, not voices in my head.

Here is the start of the story:

Len looked over the bannister. Five flights down he could see the debris, the shiny glass flickering like blinking eyes back at him. Off in the distance he could hear the sirens. And then, from down the hallway . . . .

OK! Now it's your turn. Leave one or two sentences on where this story should go next. Build off of this sentence here, or off whatever is left in the comments. Then we'll write a story together. We'll build it like a house. Or a community center, since I'm hoping more than just me will be writing.

Oh--check out Jargon Magazine. I wrote a story. Blatant self-promotion rules.