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17 January 2008

This is not a picture of darkness. Or maybe it is. I can see now that it's here on Power Love that it's lacking a bit of light. It's also not an homage to Spinal Tap's black album ("It's like a black mirror.") No. It's actually a picture of three squad cars and two undercover cars and one paddy wagon. They have surrounded a grey van. Two dudes stand with legs spread and palms plastered on the street side of the van while a few officers pat them down.

As alert Power Love readers know, we are all about public service around here. So, should you encounter this scenario in your own wanderings, here are some items to note: First, the police probably do not like people taking pictures of their pat downs. Though no one actually said these exact words to me, I take it from the, "Hey! Get the fuck outta here!" that there is some resistance to picture taking. Second, replying to the previous quote with, "Werd, ocifer," is not going to garner you much praise.