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15 March 2008


1. The graphic on the current gaggle of Abercrombie & Fitch bags is some dude's crotch, covered in jeans.
a. This is clearly objectification of a human, which I am against.
b. It is also clearly some dude with a ripped muscle-lature, which I support.
c. Such wack-assery makes life worth living.

2. I am really glad I'm not wearing high heels right now. Logistically and after much scientific study, it appears that those who are, are having a hell of a time with the whole traction-on-floor issue.

3. I wonder if the luggage handlers are doing wheelies on the tarmac with Her Majesty of Cannondale right now.

4. I wonder if Her Majesty likes them more than me.

5. Playing the One Eye Game (close one eye, then the other, then back to the other, do it quickly and whatever you're looking at seems to be jumping left to right to left to right) is fun.

6. Apparently, humans in the Jacksonville gate think otherwise. Or, maybe those glares mean they think I'm cool. But, probably not.

7. By the way, reserve judgment, Jacksonvillers! I'm not glaring at you for chewing gum like it's chew.

8. Whoever decided to put chocolate and cofee in one drink together should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

9. Almost typed, "Nobel Peach Prize," which should come into existence immediately.

10. The dude who invented Levi's should also win the Nobel Peach Prize. Same with the dude/dudette who invented zippers.