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29 May 2008

Alert Power Love Reader, this is 2D. 2D, this is Alert Power Love Reader. You're gonna love each other.
Last night: 2D Launch Party, Red Kiva.
I took multiple pictures of the same thing because I am 1.) in love with this collection of 2nd Story stories; 2.) in love with the fact that Byron and I worked our asses off on this thing; and 3.) had an itchy trigger finger and luckily, instead of holding a water gun, I was holding a camera and now, instead of everyone being soaked, they are just permanently trapped in picture form on Power Love, and possibly, they may have already had their souls stolen, and so here we are.
2D is free, if you can believe it. If you want a copy of it, all you have to do is find me and my car, in the trunk of which sits about 5 boxes of the glorious 2D and which I will be driving to alleys throughout Chicago, selling free copies, like selling fake designer handbags, but with less smoking. Cigarette smoking. And no money exchanges. Although fancy coffee drinks would be appreciated, I mean, do you know how cold it can get standing around in an alley, waiting to sell free copies of 2D to people?

So during the evening last night, we were treated to some fine storytelling and some fine music and the wine flowed and the smiles ran rampant and it was an altogether excellent way to spend time.
And everyone wore black. I don't know why.