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31 October 2008


The people waiting at the gate that says Puerto Rico are way happier than the people waiting at the gate that says Boston. Also, the Bostonians have a stubborn refusal to acknowledge the letter R. As I am a big fan of the letter R, I could only spend a few minutes there before I wanted to poke my eyeballs out.

Four out of five fashion magazines recommend purchasing fringe boots for the winter season. I'm not such a big fan of fringe boots.

They have just posted the words, "MANCHESTER, NH," on the screen above gate B7. I am watching this carefully, however. I know how this gate business works. I suspect in a few minutes, when I'm looking away, down the terminal at the woman wearing the witch/devil/airport security costume, that they will switch the flight to NH to gate C45. Too bad the C terminal is in Iowa. It's going to require much stamina on my part to get there. But I'll do it because I am disciplined and determined.

My efforts to solve world hunger have failed. Apparently, pizza is not the answer.