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28 July 2008


Dateline: Chicago
July 25, 2008
Opening Night of "Yes, This Really Happened to Me"

Admittedly, I'm slightly biased about this show since I wrote one of the pieces in it. Also admittedly, I'm slightly biased because I love it when I write a story and hand it off to amazing humans and they make it way better. I'm a huge proponent of sucking up other people's amazingness in order to make myself look good.

Opening Night was great. There was a full house, so we won the poker game. Ha. Actually, "full house" in performy language means, "the set didn't fall down." So that was good. And the audience laughed. And cried. And screamed for more. And then we went to Danny's.

What's the best thing to do when you go out to a bar after a successful Opening Night? Hang out in the alley, of course. And take 21 pictures on your camera, all of which will be accidentally deleted by dancing zombies with bad breath and a deep prejudice against expertly-taken photos.

However, because I have learned to use words to paint pictures, I would now like to show you the photo album from Opening Night:

1. First, we went out to the alley because that just seemed to make a lot of sense. The alley looked like an alley. This description, Alert Power Love Reader, is called "dynamism in language."

2. Next, someone mentioned "pictures."

3. Then, I pulled out my camera.

4. Then, we had a succession of band shots because what do you do when you're a group of actors and directors and writers and you have just enjoyed a successful Opening Night? You start a band, duh.

5. First, we were a 90s boy band. We crossed our arms and looked petulantly at the camera; we looked off into the distance, contemplating complex dance moves.

6. Then George, Keith, and Josh decided to be rappers. Or bad asses. Or something that required them to lean against a brick wall and snarl at the camera.

7. Then someone said, "Awkward prom pictures."

8. Then, I had 19 pictures on my camera that were all eerily similar to awkward prom pictures.

9. Then we had a contest for most awkward picture and George and I won because this is my blog and the evidence has been destroyed by zombies. But you should trust me on this one.

10. Then, I decided that there was no way in hell I could live without these people, so I formed an alt-rock, country-pop, death metal band and called it Awkward Prom Pictures and we are currently on tour and coming to a VFW hall near you!

To recap, go see Yes, This Really Happened to Me. It is excellent.