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09 August 2008


Storytelling, from a fan's point of view, is awesome. Usually I'm doing something at storytelling events, besides being a fan, like taking people's money or telling them where I think an ATM is or listening for the way the storyteller rewrote the story or how she's applying gestures to a story I had only seen before on the page.

As alert Power Love readers know, Margot doesn't stop moving. In order to hang out with her, you also have to not stop moving. Hanging out with Margot is like progressing through the ranks of activity. At some point in my future, I hope to master Margot's patented Bus Catch, which involves flying across an intersection like a cheetah, jumping onto the stairs of the bus whose doors are quickly closing, then holding the door open for us, smilling while hanging on. THAT is something no average human can pull off. It will take training.

Anyway, we saw various forms of storytelling the other evening--the awesomest of which was SooBob and Khanisha commanding a room of nonlisteners, turning them into listeners, and totally enchanting everyone.

It was reeeeeeeeeeaaaallllllyyyyy excellent.

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