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04 November 2008


We arrive. Rosie is a cheerleader killer from space. Or else a shiney skull girl. I forget what we finally went with on that one. What matters is the glasses. For my costume, I am a hipster jagoff from Chicago who's wearing too many layers. It was a stretch, but I pulled it off.

Green. And, um, green.

Rocky Horror Picture Show. And me and Rosie being arty. The direction here was: Be arty. Go.

The direction here was: The moment right before you are about to puke. Go.

The direction here was: You are a celebrity and her body guard and you have just HAD IT with the paparazzi. Go.

The direction here was: You are in high school and the nose picker girl is talking to you; there's a possibility that you may be able to sit at the cool kids' table at lunch, but you won't know that until 6th period and right now it's 4th period. Go.

The direction here was: You are a muppet on steroids who has just discovered an overwhelming and passionate love for eating human heads. Go.