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31 October 2008


Hello, alert Power Love reader. Today's episode is all about travel. That's because I'm sitting in O'Hare airport waiting for a flight to New Hampshire. It's 5:56am. That's awesome, because my flight leaves at 8:38am. Right now I'm re-evaluating two things:

1. My stubborn insistence on early arrivals
2. My stubborn insistence on early arrivals

So far, they took away my toothpaste. It was 4 ounces. It should've only been 3.4. Then the very nice man who took my toothpaste told me what 3.4 ounces in metric language is, but I didn't get it. I'm an American. We don't talk metric. Anyway, toothpaste is overrated. I'm gonna try and go the whole weekend without it. I hear they don't have toothpaste stores in New Hampshire.

Did I mention it's 6:00 in the morning? Why does one show up this early to the airport? One shows up this early to the airport because if one did not, one would be sitting at home, on the couch, biting one's nails, wondering how long it takes to get to the airport. In case you're wondering, it takes 23 minutes to get from Lincoln Square to O'Hare when you leave at 4:50am. Also, the roads were very empty. Also, I went to bed at midnight. Also, I'm re-evaluating my stubborn insistence on early arrivals.

For my next entry, I will tell you all about Nick, who drove me to the airport. I will also tell you about the airport dude who took my toothpaste. He wouldn't tell me his name, but he was very friendly. For the record, I didn't like that toothpaste anyway. It tasted like salt. I know this because there was hardly any left, so I was able to use almost the whole thing and that gave me well-rounded information on its saltiness.

Right now I'm re-evaluating my stubborn insistence on early arrivals.