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03 June 2009


This weekend, Team Power Love visited our estate in the country. Some people call this place "The Morton Arboretum." Of course, they are delusional.

Here is the rooftop of the south palace. This is where Team Power Love strategizes the impending world takeover. It's coming. You should get on our side now.

This is a pretty flower. She's sweeet, though she really loves her rum. Once she gets a few in her, look out. She's also a pool shark, which is confusing because she has no opposable thumbs.

This is the Maze Garden. When we encounter someone who is particularly onery, we stand them at the entrance and tell them there is a large bag of money at the other end. You really see a person's true colors when they're trapped inside a maze garden. Especially when they have allergies.

In case you're wondering, we here at Team Power Love have millions of bags of money. That's not a recession you're feeling, that's us sucking the money out of the country. We can do that. We're magic.