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20 January 2007


So today I go to the House of Beautification, also known as the "salon" or "hair place," and I go because I wanted someone to make me look good, but, apparently, there's not much to be done with a forehead that you can project a movie on. And I mean a drive-in movie, not a bitty little iPod movie.

Anyway, while at the House of Beautification, I was the lucky recipient of the following words:

1. Dagmar, who is from the Czech Republic, but when she left it was Czechoslovakia, so I asked her what it was like to live with a government (communist) that you didn't agree with in a country that you loved like family and she said: "It was like being a golden bird in a golden cage eating golden grain, but never being able to sing or fly."

2. Joanna said, "Growing into your own skin is like trying to find the right puzzle pieces to put together."

I don't really go to that House of Beautification for the hair cuts, if you must know.

OK, here's today's picture:

What is this? Why, it's a GAS STATION PUMP with a TV SCREEN in it. When you start pumping gas, it says, "Hello!" and then launches into a bunch of public service announcements from NBC. When you're done pumping gas, it says, "Goodbye" and goes a deathly black.

I'm not afraid to admit that it scared the living shit outta me.