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09 February 2007

How to Get Rid of Annoying Guy

Recently, I was hired by KIMTINI Publications (Yes! The KIMTINI Publications!) to do a freelance pictography and travelogue on biking in Tucson, Arizona. So, I had to buy a suitcase. I did so. The suitcase is a roller suitcase. It has multiple zippers. While traversing the Loop with the suitcase, I ran into a man. He was tall. He smelled like he was exuding Altoids from his pores. He appeared oblivious to the subarctic, crack-your-frontal-lobe temperature. This was our conversation:
Man: Got yerself a suitcase?
Me: Yes.
Man: It's bright.
Me: It's orange.
Man: Goin on a trip?
Me: Not right now.
Man: Goin to work?
Me: Nope.
Man: Bringin sumpin to a friend?
Me: Nope.
Man: Then what the hell ya got in yer suitcase?
Me: My daughter.
At this point the man initiated a conversation with a newspaper box.

(Power Love Legal Team Disclaimer: No daughters were suitcased in the writing of this post.)