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21 January 2007


Having procured a grant from the National Institute of Beer Drinkers, Team Power Love has embarked on its study to prove that there is an extraordinarily high level of beautiful humans in Chicagogogoville.

First, let's establish some comparables. We checked a map and found that there are other cities in the world and indeed, they are represented on most maps. Now back to us . . .

Definition of Terms
1. Beautiful human--A human being possessing good energy and a warm smile. Usually says, "Excuse me," when trying to get around you. Typically found smiling when listening to music.
2. Chicagogogoville--Chicago, Illinois, its inhabitants, its art, its pride, its knee-melting skyline, its delicious food, its flat "a" sounds, its sports teams, its shady politics, its public transportation system, its history, its feet-on-the-ground, salt-of-the-earth attitude. Also, its weather, which is moody like an adolescent.

Exploration of Subjects
Divebar, January 20, Davenports

Having proved that beautiful humans exist en masse at an African dance band show in Lakeview and a House of Beautification in the suburbs, we wondered if beautiful humans would also attend an alt-country show in Wicker Park.

First item on tonight's agenda: Eat. Always fuel up before embarking on an exploratory exploration. Exploratory explorations require copious amounts of brain cells and you will not get those without a good goat cheese salad and a KIMTINI. However, the data collection waits for no hunger. Here we see the quintessential beautiful humans, firmly entrenched in their native habitat, and firmly Chicagogogo-esque (by which we mean, smiling and talking to us).

As an aside, Team Power Love wants the world to be aware that THE KIMTINI IS STILL NOT ON THE BISTRO'S MENU. While this thesis is not focusing on this abrasive and insulting lack of judgment, we feel we would be remiss in our efforts to promote social justice if we did not mention this fact.


Look! Yes ANOTHER beautiful human! This human is labeled "Jennifer" and is great. This is the requisite "before" picture. Curiously, the "after" picture somehow ended up being forgotten about.

Gratuitous cute dog picture.

This guy is Bob Wiseman. He is Team Power Love's new favorite human-to-go see. He played music, played music to film, played an accordion, played the piano, made humorous jokes. Bob Wiseman is from Toronto. So is Margaret Atwood. Clearly, there is something brilliant going on in Toronto. But Bob was in Chicagogogoville last night, so that makes him an honorary beautiful human. We want to empahsize: THIS MAN PLAYED THE ACCORDION AND TOLD JOKES AND WAS VERY FUNNY.

This band is from Brooklyn. Their voices melted perfectly together. They sold CDs with a drawing on it and gave away crayons to color it in. Someone already won the coloring contest. That someone was not from Chicagogogoville.

There was a line for the men's room. There was not a line for the women's room. This is historically significant and we document it here thusly.

Divebar did not play "Freebird" or "Cabaret." And they still put on a good show.

Should writers delve into the visual arts? This one should not.