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22 January 2007


Clearly, beautiful humans in Chicagogogoville attend musical events. But, do they attend readings by writerly writers? Let's check it out.

2nd Story storytellers tell stories and people who like to hear stories show up to hear them. They also show up to drink wine. These are two very admirable goals and Team Power Love supports this.

Do you want to have a great conversation, laugh heartily, and discuss sports? Then you should hang out with these guys. OK, probably, you could really only discuss sports with Christopher and Karl. But Jeff would listen to you if, say, you were really, really, really into cycling and you went into lagubrious detail about races that you were in.

Byron rocks it.

Molly rocks it.

Conclusion: The 2nd Story storytellers really know how to rock it in a big, bad, take-on-the-world kind of way. They are also beautiful humans.

Our mission here is accomplished.