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18 May 2007


The purpose of this picture was to highlight the oddity of a billboard that proclaims how great it is to eat chicken burritos with chickens that are raised in Chicago. Because apparently Chicago chickens are fresh! Except when you mistake a pigeon for a chicken. Then you have fresh pigeon burritos. Yum!
However, you can't read the billboard because the windshield of someone's car is a wee bit dirty. Or is it raining? No, that's a dirty windshield.

Hello! Molly and I are out on the town! Hello!

Are you alive? If you are, you should be thankful. Know why? Because


Yes! There are, like, forty people on that stage. And they are playing marching band music. And they are rockin the shit out of it.

Yes! This is the quickest way to make the people around you happy. It's kinda like when you go to the lake and watch a fireworks show in the middle of the summer and there are amazing colors blowing up in the sky and, if it's the XRT fireworks show, music that accompanies the amazing colors, and when it gets to the end you wonder if they're gonna make an American flag out of fireworks for the big finale and you can't get over how awesome it is to be outside at 10pm in a short sleeve shirt and still be warm and everyone around you is feeling that happy-to-be-in-Chicago-in-summer feeling.

Yes! That's what a Mucca Pazza show is like, except, instead of fireworks, there's marching band music. And instead of amazing colors, there are dozens of horned instruments that look like they are dancing with their humans. And instead of sitting there wondering if the American flag is gonna show up, you turn to your friend at the end of the night and your mouth is hanging open and you are speechless but you do manage to get out, "Holy shit. Those people just did that."