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16 May 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

A. It should be punctuated, "There is an old Venezuelan saying, 'If you don't win, you're a loser.'"

B. It hangs in the Clinton stop of the Blue Line, which takes so long to arrive that even the most mediocre editor can walk around for hours and notice grammatical and/or punctuation errors in signs, which is ridiculous because I could walk home on my hands in less time than that and probably figure out a cure for AIDS while I was doing it, but instead I'm waiting around for CTA to get its shit together, which is as fun as watching paint dry, though not as practical, and every minute that goes by while I wait in that cavernous stop I die a little death and how much shorter is my life gonna be with all these little deaths and at what point do I hire an attorney so that I can sue CTA for conspiracy to commit murder?