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13 November 2007


Len looked over the banister. Five flights down he could see the debris, the shiny glass flickering like blinking eyes back at him. Off in the distance he could hear the sirens. And then, from down the hallway . . . .

...Len pulled is long biker hair behind his ears. He did this when he needed to concentrate. He had to figure out how Snickers came back to life?...

...that damned cat-- Snickers-- flaming red and hissing pissed to hell. Smoke spilled out of the pool hall. How had this one small animal wreaked so much havoc? thought Len.

Little did he know what had been done to the cat in its infancy, when his wife Miriam first found its tiny, fuzzy body in the dumpster and brought it home where--in the secrecy of the downstairs bathroom--she turned that poor, innocent creature into the demon now standing before Len.

Len quickly calculated his route downstairs and out of the building. There was only the back door that he had come in through earlier, five flights down. All other exits were boarded up, sunlight streaming through the tight cricks and cracks, nails bent to ensure no quick release. He paced himself down the first six steps backwards, staring into the ravaged kitty's blazing eyes.