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22 January 2008


In order to get the full effects of Saturday night's show at the Empty Bottle, you should first read Nick's account, because he actually talks about the music and also, he knows what he's talking about.

I know what I'm talking about too, unfortunately what I'm talking about only makes sense if you were one of the voices in my head, so blame the interwebnets for giving people like me a space to blather on. Also, you should blame Mayor Daley because hello! Dick Daley did not set up the traditional annual birthday parade down Michigan Avenue, which he usually does and usually there are floats and large balloons hovering over the crowd, eyeing the humans below as though we're a bunch of hors de-overs on a plate, and sometimes you have to wonder if being eaten by a huge balloon would be all that bad. I guess it depends on what kind of digestion system balloons have. If there's wireless in the bowels of human-eating balloons then there's really no need to worry. If they had teeth, though, that's another story.

As I was saying, global warming is not in full effect here in Chicago because it's 956 degrees below zero. When it's this cold, you want to wear alliterative sweatshirts.

Pink. Prestigious. Privileged.

I don't want to alarm you, but there are hipsters at the Empty Bottle. They are all over the place. I think they roam in packs.

Okay, now let's get to the real meat of the night--and by "meat" I mean "tofu" because when in hipsterville, eat hipster food. When in Rome, take a public bath. See how you are always learning something new here at Team Power Love? This is because we love you, alert Power Love reader. As I was saying, guerilla warfare is really nothing new, it's a strategy employed by many an angry group since the dawn of time. In addition, photography is clearly a skill I possess. You may see an black square, but I can assure you that this is a piece of art and will no doubt be scooped up by Rolling Stone for their annual Pictures from People Who Can't Use a Flash Properly Issue, which will be in stores in March. I will no doubt make one million dollars and I will dump that one million dollars on top of the pile of money I currently have waiting for me in my parlor. Heretofore, this is a picture of Bang! Bang!, whose use of punctuation in their name makes for an awkwardly punctuated sentence. They were good. I was enamored of the guitarist/singer. She has cool hair. And I like bouncing my head up and down whenever I can.

But really, the real thrill of the night was La Scala, named after the famed restaurant. Or a private island in the Caribbean. Translated, "La Scala" means "the scaly, articulate fish." It's true. This is a learning environment. Did you know that fish don't actually chew their food? They have someone else chew it for them. I would not lie to you. In addition, the singer dude from La Scala plays a guitar that looks like Brian Setzer's. Except that La Scala dude played music that sounded like La Scala, which is good, because that's where he's at and so that was truly a fun show to see and be-bop to. And, no, you do not have to tell me what a rock photographering goddess I am, I already know this.

Then we played pool. It was a very serious game, as you can see here. There was no dancing, no beer drinking, certainly no joking about. Pool is a very serious game. Also, it just so happens that during this pivotal game, I, in my capacity as International Pool Game Rule Maker, changed a much-maligned and controversial pool rule. In the past, when one person who is talking too much and drinking multiple beers drops the 8 ball in the corner pocket and then keeps talking while the cue ball drops in the other corner pocket, this would have been considered "a loss." After this pivotal rule change, though, it's not! Now it's called, "a win" and now I'm the championest pool player of all time, except for Nick, who can play pool with one arm, sign language with the other, and do so while quoting the Talking Heads.